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Enough about Twitter already

Well, after this post I promise…

It is all getting a bit silly, but I reckon I’ve got one more post in me.

Firstly, Josh pointed out to me the results of this poll of government communicators:

GCN users who twitter
GCN users who twitter

Before I rant, a caveats. This is a voodoo poll – it’s a self selecting sample of whoever can be bothered to actually vote on a poll on the GCN website.

But it does upset me that 64% can’t see the point of twitter. ┬áIt’s a way of directly interacting with an intelligent and engaged audience (they’ve all chosen to follow you so are interested in what you have to say). And more importantly if you have any proactive work to do it tells you what journalists are working on and what you might be able to pitch to them.

Those 64% really need to learn why it’s useful. If their ministers or chief executives are tweeting, then they need to be too.

Secondly, I felt the need to respond to Laurie’s post about twitter.

So I get a little annoyed, now that Twitter is going crazily mainstream, being used by everyone from Oprah to the CDC, when people misunderstand what Twitter is, and what it’s for. Some of them are aggravatingly stupid ideas, and yet are blithely echoed around the mediasphere. So here’s my top ten things that Twitter is not.

I’m not sure we can be so prescriptive about what twitter is and what it’s for. It’s many different things to many different people.

For some people it does work well as the new telegram, for others it is a great way to interact with celebrities. This is no bad thing.

I guess what Laurie is probably grasping at is that it’s stupid to try and define twitter (in the way that the media simply loves to do). But trying to list what it isn’t probably falls into the same trap.

That may not be what twitter is for you – but it’s lots of things for lots of people.

And that’s probably that for twitter for a while – I’m getting boring.

  • Hello Ade,

    I agree wholeheartedly with your comments. Twitter is undefined because in terms of social media it is still in its infancy. It is to be used however you like. To place limitations on it either as ‘what is it’ or ‘what it isn’t’ is wrong. If the mainstream is using it differently from the early adopters then we should ask why – perhaps the ealry adopters weren’t making the most out of it…



    May 7, 2009

  • Paul.

    That’s spot on, the best tools definitely evolve.

    Also, the great thing about twitter is that other people ‘doing it wrong’ need have no impact on how you choose to use it.



    May 7, 2009

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