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SHOWREEL – Items produced for BBC Radio 4 You and Yours – April 2014

I’ve been working at BBC Radio 4’s You and Yours programme at MediaCityUK in Salford. A flagship daily national consumer programme. The following have so far made it on air, with two more due to air in the coming weeks:

14/4/14 Erudio Student Loans Item at 25′ 10″

Pitched the story having seen growing concern from graduates in forums and on twitter. Used twitter to find a case study, carried out a pre-recorded interview. Briefed the presenter and reporter for an on air two-way to explain the situation.

17/4/14 – SuperRats

I researched the story, found an expert in the key location as well as pest control practitioner to take the reporter to see a church affected by the pesticide resistant rats. Set up all the interviews and produced a full brief for the reporter. 

18/4/14 – RNIB – Sight Loss Advisors

Picked up this story from the producer. Worked with the RNIB to find a case study and an interviewee for the programme – prepared the script and briefed the presenter ahead of a pre-record with the case study and the spokesperson. Edited the package down to an agreed time for broadcast.

24/4/14 – Student Funding shortfall

Pitched the story at 8am meeting – after hearing about the report from sources in the student sector. Got straight on to the IFS, who published the report,  and fixed up an interview with the report’s authors to go along side voxes from current students. Prepared the script and briefing for the presenter.

24/4/14 Bid Shopping Ltd (Part 1, Part 2)

Found a forum post about two popular tv shopping channels going into administration. Pitched a feature based on whether online shopping has had its day.  Found a former presenter and convinced him to go on air along with a retail journalist to talk in general about the sector. Produced script and briefing materials for the presenter and edited a package of audio from the shopping to illustrate the piece on air.

25/4/14 – Erudio Student Loans – Follow up

Saw that the days programmes was a story short, and having kept an eye on the erudio story spotted that graduates were complaining of having money taken without permission – as they’d feared. I found a case study at short notice – interviewed him and edited it for broadcast and briefed the presenter and a reporter for a two-way whilst providing Erudio with a right to reply. This story has since been followed up by BBC 5Live, and I’ve been able to provide them with help in finding a case study.

ClearAccount and Bank Overdraft charges

Saw coverage of ClearAccount in The Times (£) and pitched as a story for you and yours. Developed it as a package about the safety of using such a service as well as the problems of bank overdraft fees. I successfully convinced the British Bankers Association to take part, and got a neutral personal finance expert to explain the ClearAccount product and risks. Made sure that ClearAccount were given a right to reply. Provided script and briefing for the presenter.

UPDATE 14/05/14: Two more pieces have been broadcast since i finished my first stint:

DVDs and Copyright law

I pitched this this discussion after seeing details of proposed changes to the rules on copying for personal use. I cast the discussion, and did additional research to ensure the cue and presenter questions were prepared well in advance.


I was asked to development a treatment for a story about stockings infused with pheromones. I researched and found a suitable columnist to road test the product. I then found an expert from Durham university as well as a fragrance expert and set up a day’s recording for the reporter producing a full brief for the package.

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