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The Best PR Job In The World

Sometimes you have to take your hat off to a perfect piece of PR. So tonight I take my hat off to Tourism Queensland for their Island Caretaker campaign.

As an idea it was absolutely perfect – advertise ‘the best job in the world’ offering someone from anywhere in the world the chance to ‘look after’ an island for 6 months and do some blogging in return for lots of money, free accommodation and, well, the best job in the world.

So first they launch the campaign and get tonnes of publicity all over the world. Camera crews showing what a wonderful holiday resort this part of Australia is.

Then they get a second hit, the shortlist of applicants. They make the most of the medias obsession with YouTube by getting applicants to provide video application Рperfect to be shown in the applicants home countries.

Finally they get to pick a winner, and I think it’s no surprise that the brit won. The UK is probably the main target market for tourism to Australia. Ben Southall being in the final at all got lots of coverage over here, but him winning it will give them more free advertising then they could have dreamed of.

So well done Tourism Australia (and what every PR agency came up with the idea) and well done Ben Southall. I’d be lying if i said i wasn’t jealous.

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